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Lauren and Ed - The Merion, NJ

The wedding of Lauren and Ed was celebrated in Spring, flowers blooming, sun shining and reminding us all why we love the season. We love that Lauren got dressed in her new home Ed had built for her.

Lauren looks up to her wedding gown with bewildered excitement; the day is finally here. Her wedding dress, Elizabeth Johns design hangs on the wall with exquisite lace design. The front well done with beautiful intricate lace designs, you can see the attention to detail. Dangling at the back is her lace veil which goes with her wedding gown beautifully. With a smile on her face, Lauren anticipates her new future with the love of her life, Ed.

Ron Soliman did a fantastic job capturing the before pictures with the bride, they were quite unique.

Happy to get married to the love of his life as they get out of the church, the first class Rolls Royce is their first ride together. The radiant smile on their faces is a statement of how they intend to spend their life together.

Sharing the first kiss a beginning of much more to come in their marriage is beautifully captured in the moment.

This day would not be as great if not shared with friends; the grooms and bridesmaid take the time to document this day with the couple during the photo shoot.

The reception area with white hydrangeas placed in high glass vases giving it an elegant touch. The spacious hall turns into a romantic haven for this couple and their guests. The cake centerpiece lit up the room with its simple yet elegant design; All eyes on the couple as they rocked their first dance as the key music groups, DJ Ble rocked the party; with the special effect smoke too romantic. Later the rest of the guests joined the couple as DJ Ble rocked the party.

JC Costa, new pace productions captured each moment of the day, focused on the details of the day.

From her beautiful wedding gown to the shoes and her engagement ring, the moments of the day for Lauren and Ed on their beautiful day will linger in their memories, but more importantly, the wedding video gives it a warm feel.

Lauren and Ed are all smiles as they look on to their event, the smiles on their faces give a reflection of satisfaction. We wish Lauren and Ed a lifetime of happiness as they share the journey of marriage. If you are looking for an event company that will understand your need and pays attention to detail, give us a call. See you on your big day!

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